• What are Atomic Earrings made of?  They're 3-D printed using a nylon powder that's fused together using a laser. Fishing rods, for example, are made of nylon and they're both sturdy and flexible. If our earrings fall they tend to bounce instead of shatter!
  • What's 3-D Printing?  You can think of 3-D printing as similar to 2-D printing, but instead of depositing a single layer of ink on a piece of paper, the 3-D printer deposits (or fuses) hundreds of layers of molten plastic, one layer on top of another to create  3-D objects.
  • What's the actual size of the small earrings as compared to the large?  The small earrings range from 5/8" to 1" tall, while the large range from 1.5" tall to 1.75".
  • What are the hooks made of?  Sterling silver.
  • What's the average turnover time of an order?  We have over 300 pairs of earrings in stock, so usually we can ship next day. But if we don't have it in stock we can usually ship in 2-weeks.