About Us


Atomic Earrings are small organic sculptures created using 3-D printing. My earrings are intricate and dramatic, yet incredibly lightweight and sturdy. I offer over 50 designs, in large and small, in 9 different colors.



For 25 years I (Bob Field) owned and operated Foam Props, a commercial sculpture company that created large foam props for TV commercials, movies, museums, trade shows and events like the Olympics.

In 2011 I retired when computer-controlled robotic arms began to replace human sculptors. I took a course in CAD (Computer Aided Design), and although there was a steep learning curve, I eventually  got the hang of it! Using a 3-D printer at a local maker space (the Artisan's Asylum), I started making small wearable art (aka, earrings). Eventually I found a company to print them for me and started selling my earrings at local craft fairs, art museum stores and then on this website.



Although I'm sometimes influenced by designs I see in nature, most of of my earring ideas come to me by playing around with simple three dimensional shapes in Fusion 360 (the CAD software that I use). When I show my earrings at craft fairs customers often interpret the designs differently, like in a Rorschach Test... but I almost never know how the earrings will turn out in the end.



The 1950's imagined a future full of Robby the Robots, trips to the planets, limitless energy and a flying car in every garage.

Although I never got my jetpack, Atomic Earrings recalls that hopeful past and points to a better future. 



  • What are Atomic Earrings made of?  They're 3-D printed using a nylon powder that's fused together using a laser. Fishing rods, for example, are made of nylon and they're both sturdy and flexible. If my earrings fall... they tend to bounce instead of shatter!
  • What's 3-D Printing?  You can think of 3-D printing as similar to 2-D printing, but instead of depositing a single layer of ink on a piece of paper, the 3-D printer deposits (or fuses) hundreds of layers of molten plastic, one layer on top of another to create  3-D objects.
  • What's the actual size of the small earrings as compared to the large?  The small earrings range from 5/8" to 1 1/2" tall, while the large range from 1.5" tall to 2 1/2". Micro Atomic earrings are all  less than an inch tall!
  • What are the hooks made of?  Sterling silver.
  • What's the average turnover time of an order?  I have over 400 pairs of earrings in stock, so usually I can ship next day. But if I don't have it in stock I can usually ship in 2-3 weeks.